Refinery 2, Add translation to pre-generated refinery engine

Sometimes, we might have engine generated already without any translation feature and realise the need of translation to some fields. In this case, lets assume that we have generated the contact engine already without any translation as below.

How to Delete Usernames in the Sign-in Window for Mac

Making the folder library visible with linux command in Terminal Deleting username in sign-in window of skype by deleting folder of skype user from the path "Mac-Hd/Users/Current_User/Library/Application support/ Skype/"

There might be different way of solving this problem on web but after studying few articles from web, i solved it in this way. Please note the software version also.

Xubuntu applications comparision and Linux commands

Listing and comparing major applications that can be used in different operating system.Testing and reviewing some applications in Xubuntu.Briefing on Linux commands

While comparing the applications in different systems, it can be seen that some applications have been developed for different platform but for some applications, we try to find some similar application, which provides some similar features. Table below shows the list of application, which I prefer to use in different operating systems.

Linux command line to install and update applications with package management

Installing application in command line with package management Finding the record of successful and unsuccessful attempts from log file.

The Command line in linux seems to be very quick and easy way to install applications. Here, i am going to update the existing applications first and then find application by key word, install the application and update the particular application.

Installing SSH server and ssh connection for user in linux

Installing SSh server in linux Making ssh connection to server computer Creating new user and testing for ssh connection

1. Installing SSH Server

In Linux, the command in listing 1.1 installs the SSH server, which uses the root access by writing sudo at the front.